Steam Summer Sale is about to kick off!

It’s that time of year again – the Steam Summer Sale is right around the corner.  To tease us Valve is now letting us see pending ‘mystery’ cards in our inventories.  Every time you craft a badge right now you have a chance to earn a random mystery card.  As of right now the rumored start date for the sale is June 11, 2015 though I can’t verify an original source on the rumor so it could just be wishful thinking.

For myself I just hope to see a lot of great indie deals and pick up some single player JRPG’s and the like.  There aren’t many AAA titles I’m in the market for right now, though Shadow of Mordor and Dark Souls 2 would certainly be nice.  And I’m sure there are plenty of others that will catch my fancy when the time comes.

On a lark I decided to waste some money and craft many of the badges I’ve had languishing unfinished to see if I could get a full set of the mystery cards – I got pretty lucky on drops and pulled it off without too much expense but the badge can’t currently be crafted.  Well I guess I’m ready for when the sale kicks off!



The Steam Summer Sale is under way!


Time to buy* games that I’ll never even play just because they’re cheap!  Not much going on now…but it’ll be a fun week of watching flash deals and buying up anything I’ve missed.  In particular I’d really like to pick up Dark Souls.  Of course I need to finish Bioshock Infinite, Tomb Raider, Far Cry 3, Crysis 3, and Darksiders 2 before I’d get into it…. and continue doing my weekly LFR’s on WoW, working on getting into Nightmares in TSW, and trying to finally beat Touhou 13 – Ten Desires on Lunatic.  These are the problems that plague me.






*And by ‘buy games’ I of course mean ‘purchase a license to use the product through Steam’….but such is the price of convenience.