Well, let’s try this blogging thing again

Wow, 2013 was my last post.  It’s strange how quickly time passes, but how little things change.  I guess I’m not the first person to lose interest in trying to keep a blog nor the first to try to pick it up again.


Since my last post I’ve been through a lot – changed careers, done some hobbyist studying on programming, drawing, and various topics related to computer graphics, physics, and AI.  I’ve picked up games like Final Fantasy XIV and dropped them only to go back and pick up World of Warcraft again.  I went back to my old raiding guild and was happy to find my old friends had not forgotten me even though I had left for a time.  I’ve beta tested multiple products, bought early access through Steam on some games I believe in, and been involved in a few more kickstarters which I hope to see the light of day (knock on wood!).


In short, I’m still just a guy who has an interest in games – in how they’re made, how to best appreciate them, and in playing them.


Here’s hoping I can find some thoughts to share about them again even if only for my own satisfaction.