AMD R9 Fury X – Launching this week

For those who are in the market for a super high end video card AMD will be launching the R9 Fury X on 06/24/2015 for an MSRP of $649.00.  Personally, I have my bank account in order and will be buying one immediately so I hope to have some further impressions about it next week.  Hopefully I’ll have it in hand by Thursday because I have that day off from work.  I’ll need to install some benchmarkable games over the next few days…..




The R9 Fury X is going to be the first card to market with HBM memory – something completely different from what we’ve seen before with GDDR5 boards.  Rather than forcing the memory speed through the roof AMD has widened the memory controller up to 4096-bit.  The end result is that – even with relatively slow memory – the R9 Fury X will have more bandwidth than any other card on the market.


What do we have to look forward to?  Currently reported we should see:


GPU: Fiji with 4096 Stream Processors @ 1.00Ghz
Memory: 4GB @ 500Mhz  4096-bit
Memory Bandwidth: 512 GB/sec



I’m worried about the 4GB of RAM and that it may impact performance, but leaked press-release benchmarks look very promising:



I’m willing to take the plunge to experiment Smile  Hurry up, June 24!

AMD Radeon 7970 for less than $300.00 on Newegg

My trusty old Radeon 6970 has been getting a bit long in the tooth lately – making some fussy noises and running hotter and hotter with no real change in my ambient temps – so today I went looking for something new.  Low and behold I found this incredible deal on Newegg today:


That’s a NEW (not refurbished) Radeon 7970 for $300.00 after rebate – with 4 AAA titles that I don’t happen to own at the moment.  Tomb Raider, Crysis 3, Bioshock Infinite, and FarCry 3…. I wonder if I’ll even have time to play all of them this summer!

It’s one heck of a deal, and I jumped on it.