Red Thread Games receives an additional 200,000 Euros in funding!


Red Thread Games has just received another substantial contribution to the funding of Dreamfall: Chapters! Technically this contribution brings the funding over 2 million dollars – I wonder if we’ll hear an announcement about The Longest Journey Home now? The Longest Journey Home was the 2 million dollar stretch goal from the kickstarter.

Dreamfall Chapters – A Crowdfunded Sequel from Red Thread Games


For those who may have missed it, Dreamfall: The Longest Journey is finally getting a sequel to (maybe) tie up all the loose ends courtesy of Kickstarter and the tens of thousands of fans who were willing to back Ragnar Tornquist to make it happen.  The full details of the kickstarter can still be found at the Kickstarter page including stretch goals that were met and backer perks.  Further discussion of the game and announcements have since moved to the official Dreamfall Chapters forums and Red Thread Game’s website.  As of now the game is slated for a November 2014 release on PC, Mac, and Linux operating systems – so it should be a good Christmas next year!

For myself, I’m looking forward to this game and its continuation of The Longest Journey universe.  I must admit that I never actually finished the original Dreamfall, so I’m more in it due to the tie in with The Longest Journey at this point but I have picked up a copy of Dreamfall on Steam to play in the intervening months. I’ve played several of Ragnar Tornquist’s games over the years and what I’ve always loved about his games is the intricate and interesting world building that backs up whatever stories he presents.  We saw such a world in The Longest Journey with the dual nature of Stark vs. Arcadia and more recently in The Secret World where a huge over-arching story was woven through six zones all filled with their own individual mythologies.  To be blunt, he’s a developer I’m happy to throw my money at and I’m sure he and his team will put out something memorable.  I remember reading an interview with Tornquist once where he said something along the lines of, “Yes our games are rough around the edges, but they’ve got heart.”  Which is how I’ve always felt about them as well – games like The Longest Journey, Dreamfall, and The Secret World aren’t winners on technical merit as far as graphics go and they often have difficult gameplay elements but there’s just something about the characters and the stories that make them worth playing through and enjoying.

For the time being Red Thread Games is hiring its programmers, artists, and getting voice talent lined up as well as stocking its refrigerators with frozen pizzas (do they really need refrigerators in Norway?).  Tornquist and co. have been doing a lot of interviews and releasing a few development videos so far and that’s probably the best way to keep up to speed with what they’re working on.  The next big news should be released at Rezzed where Red Thread Games will have a Developer Session and release new content – they’re scheduled to show on June 22 @ 3:00PM.

Another game worth keeping an eye on!