Rift goes Free to Play June 12 – And you can get Storm Legion for free!


There have been a lot of great MMORPGs that have been making the jump to free to play recently – The Secret World, Tera, and now Rift is poised to join the herd on June 12.  Five years ago I don’t think most people would have expected there to be so many really great f2p options available.


One exciting part of Rift going free to play is that you can currently get Storm Legion and 30 days of free game time just for playing Rift Lite which will also grant you full access to the game on June 12.  Otherwise you’d have to pay 39.99 for a digital edition of the game or 19.99 for boxed copy at your local Gamestop.  Note that current accounts are not eligible for the 30 days of free game time, but you can still get Storm Legion for free on an existing Rift account if you’re willing to pay $14.99 for a one month subscription.  This will also grant you some perks when the game goes free to play.  Or you can create a new Trion Worlds account on a free e-mail address.

To get Storm Legion for free you need to create an account on Raptr.  Raptr is a social networking website and instant messenger, targeted towards video game players – essentially look at it as a Steam interface for tracking gametime, achievements, and giving you options for sharing your activity through facebook, twitter, and your Raptr friends list.    Personally, it’s not the kind of software I’d use except for one thing – they also offer rewards for some games.  For Rift, if you play for 14 hours you get a free copy of Storm Legion and 30 days game time and you can log those hours through the Rift lite game, even just idling on the character select screen.


First go to http://www.riftgame.com/en/ to create a Trion Worlds account and download the Rift Lite Client.

Once that’s done go to http://raptr.com and create an account.  You can tie it to a social media account, but personally I have no prior knowledge of this company so I’d recommend you make a unique ID and password for your login.  Download the Windows client to track your game time.

Once you’ve installed Raptr it should automatically detect Rift as one of your installed games.  If not just add it manually.  Boot up Rift and start playing – that’s it!  If it’s your first time playing Rift you can play a character up to level 20 to start getting a feel for the game or if you’re using an old subscription just create a new character to stand around in Freemarch until you’re rewarded.

After you’ve reached 14 hours you’ll be given a code to enter on the Trion Worlds codes page – again I’d recommend you secure yourself by putting this code in through a third party browser and not the Raptr client itself (though it’s probably okay).

Enjoy your time in Telara!